Anatomy Online

"Anatomy Lessons of the Great Masters"
Ten Week Course in Human Anatomy for Figure Drawing. £260

Next course starting on Tuesday 26th April 2022.
Class will be 7-9pm UK time. Each class 2 hours,
All lessons are recorded and able to be caught up online if missed.

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Understanding human anatomy for figure drawing needn't be as difficult as it might seem - it just takes familiarity and practice. Over the ten weeks of this online course we will study human anatomy for figure drawing through explanations and demonstration as well as the examination of great figure drawings by artists such as Raphael, Egon Schiele, Michelangelo, Toulouse Lautrec, Leonardo da Vinci and others.

There are some reviews of this course here on Trustpilot for some comments by previous participants.

Anatomy Online 1

The course will be taught by me, Alan McGowan and will see me talking through the anatomy, doing demonstration drawings, answering questions and discussing artworks - and hopefully helping to explain and clarify what can seem daunting and complex. We will be focusing on the interaction between anatomical knowledge and ways of drawing/representing it in the figure. I have been a teacher of figure drawing and painting for over twenty years, a figure artist for even longer, and have been teaching anatomy in one way or another for over ten years.

Anatomy Online 2

The underlying forms of anatomy inevitably influence the shapes that we see on the surface of the figure. I believe understanding these forms can be an aid to successful, sympathetic and expressive renderings of the figure. The aim is to increase the understanding of anatomy and of the (mostly drawn) works of the great artists we will look at. Each week will see us focus on a particular region of the anatomy and some artworks by great artists which display evidence of these underlying forms. Studying the works of other artists can be a help in thinking about ways to represent things - the use of drawn language, things like shading and the use of materials.

Course Outline

10 weeks. Each class 2 hours, 7-9pm (UK time). Tuesday evenings. Beginning Tuesday 26th April 2022 (with a 1 week break mid-way on Tuesday 31st May and a break on Tuesday 28th June). Last class 12th July 2022.

Typically each week will begin with me revisiting the anatomy from the previous week and talking through some of the student work produced through the week. Then there will be a presentation on the particular region of anatomy we are focusing on (about 40 mins). This will be followed by a look at some drawings from art history which we will analyse in terms of their anatomy.

Students will be encouraged to make their own transcriptions of these works as ways of analysing and understanding the anatomy.


1. General Introduction. Anatomy Landmarks
2. Torso Front
3. Torso Rear
4. Upper Legs
5. Pelvis & Gender Differences
6. Lower Leg and foot
7. Arm
8. Hand
9. Head
10. Whole Figure

The classes will be conducted online (using Zoom) and by video, and drawing demonstrations. Students will have access to all the videos and to video recordings of the zoom tutorials to view in their own time or catch up should they miss a class. Should anyone have time-zone issues with attendance at the UK time then please co-ordinate with me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Course fee is £260 for 10 weeks.
If you're interested drop me an e-mail at vvvvv vvvvv vvvv