Anatomy Workshop 2018

Anatomy for Artists Workshop
Friday 7th - Sunday 9th December 2018
10am - 5pm
St Margaret's House, Edinburgh EH76AE.

A three day course in Human Anatomy for Artists carried out through life-drawing, demonstration and anatomical examples.

We will look at all the main skeletal and muscular structures as they influence life drawing. I will be explaining them as we go, with reference to an anatomical skeleton, slides, video images and handouts, and students will be practising their learning each day principally through life drawing, working with differing life models through the course to understand similarities and diversity in human anatomy.

We will examine the individual elements of anatomy, whilst being conscious of the overall integrity of the body as a coherent system. While concentrating on anatomy we will also inevitably touch on more general issues involved in drawing the figure, proportion, perspective etc. We will also take in the broader context of anatomy for artists - its history and development.


Day One (10am-5pm)
Overall structure of the figure. A closer look at the structure of the torso.
Identification of the main skeletal elements and surface landmarks.
Musculature of the upper torso.
Musculature of the lower torso.

Day Two
Muscular and skeletal anatomy of Pelvis and upper leg.
Lower leg and foot.

Day Three
Arm and hand
Muscular and skeletal anatomy of the head and neck.

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Language of the Body
The Language of the Body; Figure Drawings in Four Chapters
The Language of the Body
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