Life Drawing with Oils

Drawing The Figure in Oils
Two Day workshop
19-20 May 2018
10am - 5pm
Basic Mountain, 1a Hill Street, Edinburgh, UK.
Oil paint is often thought of as a "serious" material, suitable for only lengthy works on canvas, but oils can be extremely useful, versatile and effective for life drawing, even for shorter poses.
Working from life poses we will look at approaches to using oil paint with a view to it's possibilities and what this might mean technically to achieve the results we are after.

Over 2 days we will consider issues of drawing, measuring, correction, colour palettes, pigments, solvents, surfaces, priming etc. We will begin in monochrome and develop through limited palettes, to fuller colour.
Unstill Life book
UNSTILL LIFE: Paintings, Drawings and Writing
Unstill Life
by Alan McGowan


Published by SATURATION 2017
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