Colour and the Figure

Monday 16th to Friday 20th September 2019
St Margaret's House, Edinburgh EH7 6AE
with Alan McGowan BA(hons), PGCEd, VAS

What colour is a shadow? What colour is flesh? How do the various qualities of colour such as tonal value and temperature relate to one another and effect a painting?
Working with life models every day we will look at these questions amongst others. By examining how various artists have tackled them and exploring different colour palettes and developing a notion of "colour space" we will come to a better understanding of colour and how it can be utilised by the figure artist to find their own expressive voice.

The Workshop is primarily designed for working in oil paints but acrylics or watercolour could also be used if that is your preferred medium. Materials not provided (unless by prior arrangement).

To book onto a workshop or to get further information use the contact form above or please e-mail me at

Unstill Life book
UNSTILL LIFE: Paintings, Drawings and Writing
Unstill Life
by Alan McGowan


Published by SATURATION 2017
Available on Amazon UK
Language of the Body
The Language of the Body; Figure Drawings in Four Chapters
The Language of the Body
by Alan McGowan


Published by SATURATION, 2012
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