Figure Painting Workshop Edinburgh 2017

Expressive Figure Painting from Life
Monday 25th - Friday 29th September 2017
Customs Lane Events Space, 67 Commercial Street, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6LH.
A five day workshop taught by award winning artist Alan McGowan looking at how to represent the life model in paint.

Figure painting is both fascinating and challenging. The choices we make while painting and our use of pictorial language dictate how the painting evolves and inevitably reflect the aims and attitudes of the individual artist. Through understanding of the language of representation and the techniques and materials we use we can better guide this process and produce work which is both technically strong and reflective of us as individuals.

The topics I will focus on in the class will include composition; drawing and measuring; mark making; tone; and the differing qualities and characteristics of paint. Other topics will inevitably crop up, such as colour palettes, and these will be discussed on an individual basis as they arise.

A typical day will start with a directed learning topic, slide presentation or demonstration and be followed by a full days painting.

A projected schedule (this may change) is:

Day 1 - Approach to drawing with paint - some short poses.
Day 2 - Painting demonstration, followed by one day pose.
Days 3, 4 & 5 - One pose continued over three mornings (male), One pose continued over three afternoons (female).

We will have a variety of models through the week. The poses Wed - Fri will allow for more sustained work on finished paintings. The workshop is designed around the use of oil paints but participants may use other media (please let me know first). Materials (except for easels, drawing boards etc) are not provided. The class size will be small (maximum 12) to allow for space and individual tuition in the drawing studio which is quite spacious.

Course fee £395.

Venue: We will be using the events space at Custom House Lane in Leith, which will give us a large and well situated working environment. Customs House Lane, Edinburgh EH6 6LH

To note interest, book a place or for further information contact
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